The Best Free SAT Prep Resources 2018

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Many thrifty students want to save money and find the best free SAT prep resources to practice with. High-quality free SAT practice can be hard to decide on; which sites are the best? What free SAT test should I take? This article will answer all of your questions and guide you towards the best free SAT Prep resources online.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is the number one best free SAT prep resource for good reason. Students who took the PSAT, then studied on Khan Academy for just 20 hours had a score increase of 115 points. This is double the rate of students who did not use Khan Academy’s SAT prep course.

Khan Academy offers thousands of practice questions, an interactive prep course, and videos, all for free. You can take a free SAT practice test that simulates the actual test without paying anything. The site will import your PSAT score and give you useful feedback on what areas to improve.

Free SAT Practice Test

Khan Academy offers 8 full length practice tests that you can take from home. You can get video explanations of your missed answers or answers that challenged you.

Tips and Strategies

The first section covers SAT Tips and Strategies. The amount of content here alone blows my mind. You can learn about SAT scoring, SAT content and format, changes to the new SAT, and get an understanding of your subscores. Next, this free SAT prep resource teaches strategies like “Two passes” and analysis of the level of question difficulty. Khan Academy even interviewed College Board to get the inside scoop.

SAT Reading

Khan Academy first gives you an idea of what to expect on the Reading test. It goes over the content areas and gives a broad overview. Next, it has guides on SAT reading information and ideas, rhetoric, and synthesis. It provides two active reading strategies: SQ3R and Rephrase & Predict. SQ3R helps students comprehend what they read with five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review. Khan Academy itself best explains Rephrase & Predict.

SAT Writing

This fantastic free SAT prep resource lists an overview and what to expect out of SAT Writing, like it does with every section. It has articles about expression of ideas, standard English conventions, and the format of the SAT writing test. Khan Academy has a great strategy on how to approach sentence and paragraph sequence questions. It also explains how to approach sentence addition/ deletion questions. Advice on punctuation rules and apostrophes can be found here as well.

SAT Math

SAT test prep free for math has never been this easy. Khan Academy has all the information on algebra, problem solving and data analysis, and advanced math. You can find tips on how to control careless errors in SAT math here. For an example, check out this video on ratios, rates and proportions.


SAT Essay

On Khan Academy, you can find a SAT Writing glossary and examples of medium and high-scoring essays. You will learn how to unpack an essay prompt and analyze a passage.

Other Features

Forums are provided for every topic on the SAT on Khan Academy. Also, teachers can find lesson plans here.

Union Test Prep Free Resources

Free SAT Prep Union Test Prep

On this useful free SAT prep site, you will find practice tests and SAT flashcards. Also, you can check out a free SAT study guide.


Union Test Prep offers free SAT Math, SAT Writing and SAT Reading flashcards.

On SAT math, you will have to bubble in your answer freeform (without answer choices) for about 13 questions. This free SAT practice website helps prepare for that by checking your answers the same way. For SAT Math, Union Test Prep’s flashcards quiz linear equations, ratios, exponents, geometry, and more.

The SAT Reading flashcards test vocabulary only. Sometimes, they test vocabulary in context.

The SAT Writing and Language flashcards test word choice, how to know when to delete or keep a sentence, punctuation, and more.

Free SAT Test Practice

You can take math practice tests over heart of algebra, passport to advanced math, problem solving and data analysis, and additional topics.

This free SAT prep resource offers Reading practice tests over history and social science, science, and literature.

You can find Writing practice tests on career and humanities, history and social studies, and science.

SAT Study Guide Free

The essay study guide gives guidelines on how to ace the SAT essay by mastering using evidence, reasoning, word choice, and grammar. It gives advice like “read other authors’ arguments” and “practice writing objectively.”

The additional topics math study guide covers geometry, lines, inequalities, angles, area and volume, trigonometry, and complex numbers.

In the heart of algebra study guide, you’ll find information on graphing, linear equations, and absolute values. This free SAT prep resource gives a lot of detail on how to practice and what skills to master.

Free SAT Prep Union Test Study Guide Math
An example of a scatterplot

The passport to advanced math free SAT study guide talks about exponents and radicals, exponential and radical functions, polynomials, quadratics, and systems of equations. Useful graphs and methods of problem solving appear here.

Ratios, proportions, PEMDAS, basic statistical concepts, scatterplots, boxplots and histograms show up in the math problem solving and data analysis study guide.

You will find processes on information and ideas, rhetoric, and synthesis questions on the SAT reading study guide. You’ll need to develop your skills in terms of using evidence and drawing conclusions to succeed.

In the SAT Writing study guide, you will discover types of passages, types of questions, idea expression, and some conventions of standard written English.

Veritas Prep SAT Videos

This playlist contains tips for the new SAT such as “SAT Time Management Strategies: Fight or Flight.”

It also has a whole catalog of quick tips on topics like geometry

and semicolons.

Every video lasts around 2-5 minutes and has a quick rundown of the topic with images, explanation and examples.

Think of Veritas videos as a more entertaining, lighter component of your free SAT prep. You won’t be able to learn everything you need to know just from these videos, but they are a good quick fix for learning something in a new way when you have a few minutes to spare.


How did you like the list? Did you find what you were looking for? You can use this list in combination with our Ultimate SAT Guide to boost your SAT score into the stratosphere! Thanks for reading!

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