Sony Headphones Review-Sony MDR 7506

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In the realm of consumer headphones, a few recognizable brands stick out: Bose. Dr. Dre’s Beats. Apple’s own EarPods. However, a pair I’ve been using provides great sound quality at an affordable price with a sound great for enjoyment or studio monitoring. Enter the Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone.


The design is nothing fancy, just leather in a curved frame, a coiled cord and a gold-plated plug (the gold enhances the sound quality). I do like the colored chiclet plastic inserts for Left and Right sides. You can slide out the headphone earpieces for flexible comfort on a notched metal band with nine positions. The earpads fold inwards on hinged arms to save space. The whole unit weighs little, so it’s comfortable on the ears for a few hours of use with glasses.


You get some noise isolation with these headphones, but it won’t be enough to drown out conversation entirely. The noise doesn’t leak much from the headphones when you’re using them, which is great.  The cord is very long and stretches so you’ll have no problem using it as you move around in the studio or at home. However, this is a downside if you want to run or workout with these, because you’ll need to manage the length of the cord somehow. Another downside is the faux leather earpads that come with the heapdhones quickly deteriorate and must be replaced. That being said, replacing them is very easy and inexpensive. I was able to do it for under $10 and in a few minutes.

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The sound on these headphones is super clear. Trumpets, strings, and vocals all sound great on this without sounding too harsh or strident. The low end is well-represented, but the bass won’t rattle your ears off, nor is it intended to. What you will get is a well-balanced sonic range, from the lows to the mids and the highs and everything in-between not amplified or cut too much. You’ll be able to enjoy your music in an enhanced way, knowing that you’re listening to the mix the way it was created in the studio. Most of all, you get this sound quality for cheap, whereas other headphones in this price range come with boomy, cheap sound that overdrives the bass and a squeaky high end.


Overall, you can’t go wrong for $80 on a pair of great headphones like these. They are well worth it.






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Pristine, clear sound at a low price

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