SAT Prep Black Book Review- Great SAT Book 2018

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Great Resource for SAT Prep

Actually reduces emphasis on memorizing questions and drilling, reducing the time you need to spend to under a hundred hours

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Reading the SAT Prep black book and implementing its strategies is sure to raise your SAT score dramatically. The author, Mike Barrett, spent years analyzing the test while teaching strategies to students. He constantly refined his work until he ended up with the black SAT book. Most of the strategies in this SAT book will even work for the ACT test as well! Surprisingly, Barrett says not to memorize hundreds of SAT vocab words and SAT math formulas. To improve, you should know the general patterns that underlie the SAT test. Also, the SAT grammar rules differ from standard American English grammar slightly. Know the differences between the two.

The Key to SAT Prep

Barrett describes SAT prep like shooting free throws in basketball- it’s all about repetitive accuracy. It tests how well you can apply basic skills in different combinations. For example, in SAT math you may need to find the shaded triangle region within a circle by applying geometric properties of both shapes. Barrett also says you should SAT prep according to the way you study best. If you study best for long stretches of time, last-minute, then do that. However, if you study best in shorter intervals over a longer time period, then do that.

Strengths of the SAT Prep Black Book

An example of this SAT book’s strengths lies in its Hidden Patterns section. For example, one Math hidden pattern is Halves and Doubles. Barrett found that often, one of the wrong answer choices will be double or half the right answer choice, which can guide you to the correct answer if you’re doubtful. These SAT strategies go beyond basic SAT tips and tricks and will help you reduce the time you spend on SAT prep if you can learn to apply the pattern.

Weaknesses of the SAT Prep Black Book

However, the content review for Math is short, only a few pages long, and written like it expects the reader to already be familiar with the concepts. You may want to read another, more detailed book if you struggle with the basic skills.

Overall, the SAT Prep Black Book 2nd edition is a fantastic SAT book and should not be missed if you want to raise your SAT score.

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