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This no-frills book delivers a great way to practice SAT Grammar and Writing.

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This book contains five high quality SAT grammar writing and language practice tests, their answers and answer explanations. Each test contains 44 questions and takes 35 minutes to complete if you time yourself, which is recommended when doing SAT prep.

The 93-page book will reinforce the rules and patterns of SAT grammar and writing. There’s really not many frills, not even an introduction, which is actually an advantage. The author, Rick Koshgerian, cuts right into the meat of practicing for the SAT.

Material Covered

The questions cover a variety of grammar and writing rules. One common question is “testing word choice”. Explanations are given for why the selected answer is correct; for example, the other answer choices might be redundant, too informal, or too wordy, so the remaining one is the best fit.

Questions appear about connecting independent clauses. To connect independent clauses, you can use a semicolon; or you can use a comma and a coordinating conjunction. A coordinating conjunction is a word like one of these: “and”, “but”,  “or”. You can use the acronym FANBOYS to remember conjunctions: for, and, not, but, or yet, so.

Other questions deal with diction based on what’s needed in the sentence. In one sentence, the word “therefore” gets used in the middle of two opposing sentence fragments. The right word to replace “therefore” is “yet”, according to the answer explanation, because we need a contrast between the parts of the sentence.

This book of practice tests also covers concepts like plural pronouns. You will also practice and learn about the correct tense of verbs.

The only problem with this book is that some of the answer explanations are lacking. The testing word choice/usage explanation “Answer x is the only correct choice here” fails to explain why. On a test like the SAT, there has to be a reason why one choice is superior to the others and is correct. However, this only happens with a few questions out of all 176.


Overall, this will be of great use to students as they prepare for the SAT. The answer explanations are clear and concise.

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