StudentSharp Podcast Episode 4- Marc Hoberman Grade Success Interview

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We learn the best study strategies, habits and tips from Marc Hoberman, founder of Grade Success.

Resources Mentioned:

Marc’s memoir Search and Seizure

Marc’s book for teachers Highly Effective Teaching Strategies: Winning in the Classroom


Grade Success offers personalized tutoring for all subjects and grade levels. You can get private and group lessons, in person or Live Online. They also provide test prep services for the ACT, SAT and more.

3 Key Points:

  1. Reviewing your notes is the key to better learning.
  2. Study only 20-30 minutes at a time and take five minute breaks in-between.
  3. Take small notes and expand them later.


1:00- Introduction. Grade Success tutors all grades, all subjects, all levels, and specializes in SAT/ACT Test Prep.

2:00- Learning takes place once you review the material.

2:27- “Less is more”. Write down abbreviated notes-it’s more efficient.

3:30- Study strategies for high school kids: Write in two different colors. You can write down a word in black ink and definition in red ink, or vice versa.

3:50- One mistake is over-studying. Don’t study for multiple hours in a row.

4:08-Study only 20-30 minutes at a time.

4:38-Take a five minute break away from the study area.

4:54- Before you study new material, review the material you studied previously. This reinforces it in the brain, like explained in this article.

6:00- Expand on your notes and teach the information. You remember 90% of what you teach.

7:37- College students must master time management. Get a calendar and put all your assignments on there.

8:16- The key is to expand your notes the same day after you take them. Translate the bad handwriting into handwriting you can recognize later.

8:54- Just highlighting isn’t effective. Take notes about what you’re highlighting, don’t only highlight.

10:17-Take small steps toward your goals- it’s called “scaffolding”.

11:50-Waiting until the last minute and cramming are not good, as explained here. Studying in bed is a bad idea. Study in a chair that’s comfortable but not too comfortable. Good lighting is key.

12:43-Music can be distracting while studying.

12:50-You can go to the library or another quiet study environment to study and turn your phone off to eliminate distractions.

14:40- One of Marc’s favorite books is his memoir Search and Seizure. Teens and parents alike are reading it. He also wrote a book for teachers with highly effective teaching strategies and classroom management strategies. Highly Effective Teaching Strategies: Winning in the Classroom

15:35- One powerful way to study is test creation. If you do this with friends in the same class, you’re getting many questions that could be asked on the test.

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