Long Island Regents Prep’s AP US History Review- Book Review

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You are desiring to find an AP US History prep book that will raise your score. Your searching on the internet has brought you here to see what the best AP US History book is. With confidence, I can recommend Long Island Regents Prep’s AP US History Review for consideration. Its length, quality of writing and scope make it one of the best. Also, its 330 pages are jam-packed with information on US History and will reinforce your knowledge of the subject. It contains over 440 practice multiple choice questions organized by topic and difficulty. This book has been designed for the NEW AP US History exam. Additionally, you can even learn something new along the way!

Material Covered

Period 1491-1607

No AP US History prep book would be complete without first talking about the pre-Columbus inhabitants of the Americas. This book’s section on Period 1491-1607 goes into brief detail about Native American societies from thousands of years ago, the mound builder cultures, and the arrival of Columbus. The answer choices last about a paragraph each of dense, factual information about the historical background of the question. Here, you’ll see how 90% of the Native Americans died from diseases brought over by conquistadors from the Old World. This paved the way for European settlement of the New World. You’ll also gain a perspective on how advanced the pre-Columbus American cultures were. They had advanced industry, farming and structural technology.

Period 1607-1754

Next, this AP US History prep book covers the period 1607-1754. Here you’ll learn about companies, slave codes and the economics of the colonies. When reading this book, you will notice how similar to the actual AP test the questions are. They include references to maps, figures and excerpts of historical documents, just like you’ll find on the actual US History AP. This adds one checkmark to the list of reasons why this is one of the best APUSH prep books. In this section you’ll be quizzed on the rebellions and relationships the colonists had with their governing country England.

The Rest

Now, the 1840-1848 period in this AP US History prep book covers everything from court cases like Marbury vs. Madison to women’s rights and the abolition movement. The questions will challenge you, because they have plausible-sounding answer choices from the time period mixed in with the correct answer, just like on the actual AP test.

All of the periods in this AP US History prep book support themselves with detailed answer explanations and give a good review of history. Period 1844-1877 quizzes you on the development of the West, the Civil War, and some important amendments like the Fifteenth amendment. Period 1865-1898 contains questions on industrialization and work reforms. Likewise, the remaining periods chronicle the remaining part of US history until the present day.


This AP US History prep book will take the concepts you already have learned through class and transform them into good questions. These questions delve into a deeper level of an understanding of history. You can use this book as a device to test your knowledge and to review with.

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Great resource for review

These questions sound just like real APUSH questions and will thoroughly test you.

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