Long Island Regents Prep’s AP Psychology Review-Book Review

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You should already be acquainted with AP Psychology, if you’re a student enrolled in the class. Or you could be an instructor, parent or tutor that wants to discover the best resources they can give their student. In this review I will go over the main benefits and features of this AP psychology review book.

Material Covered


Pages 1-134 comprise the Questions, and pages 135-239 are the Answers. All questions are multiple choice. Also, there is no essay section- how could the writer grade it? Anyway, every section begins at Difficulty Level 1 and transitions into Difficulty Levels 2 and 3.

Difficulty Level 1 usually asks for a simple “match the definition to the word” level of comprehension. One example: Question: “Psychology can be defined as ____”

Meanwhile, Difficulty Level 2 gives an example of a topic and asks the student to match to the correct definition. An example: Question: “According to Freud dreams can be broken down in manifest and latent content. Which of the following would be an example of latent content? In your dream…”

Finally, Difficulty Level 3 requires knowledge of subtleties within the terms discussed to come to the right answer. For example: Question: “Bryan is experiencing internal conflict and distress that stemmed from repressed memories of his childhood. Which of the following psychologists would most agree with this statement?”


All the questions are multiple choice. Some pictures and diagrams appear throughout the book in addition to the text.


The contents of this book include these topics:

  • History and Approaches
  • Research Methods
  • Biology and Bases of Behavior
  • Sensation and Perception
  • States of consciousness
  • Learning
  • Cognition
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Personality
  • Testing and Individual Differences
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Treatment of Psychological Disorders
  • Social Psychology


This is a good AP Psychology review book. The questions are high-quality and the answer explanations are detailed, sometimes a paragraph in length. It won’t teach you anything you don’t already know, but it does do well in testing content over multiple difficulty levels. It has 420 practice questions with detailed explanations that will guide you through your AP Psychology review until your test.

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Good AP Psychology Review Book

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  • Content
  • Quality of Writing
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