Long Island Regents Prep’s AP Macroeconomics Review-Book Review

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When you pick up this review book, you should already have learned all of the content from your AP Macroeconomics class. Or maybe you are in an instructor, parent or tutor that is searching for the best resources for their students. In this review I will supply you with information about this AP Macroeconomics review book. Then, your demand for a review will be met.

Material Covered


Pages 1-165 are the Questions and pages 166-299 are the Answers. All 400 questions are formatted in multiple choice. I would have liked to see sample free response questions and answers. Unfortunately, Long Island Regents prep didn’t include them. Anyway, each section splits into three difficulty levels.

First, Difficulty Level 1 questions usually ask for basic word to definition matching, at a low level of comprehension.

Example: “When one decision is made, there are alternatives that are not chosen. The next best alternative not selected is called ___”

Secondly, Difficulty Level 2 begin to challenge students more as they ask students to be familiar with all the aspects of a term and then choose one aspect as the matching answer to the question.

Example: “If the economy is experiencing cyclical unemployment, an increase in which of the following would most likely eliminate this type of unemployment?”

You see how first students have to know what cyclical unemployment is, then know what spending types reduce that type of unemployment, doing multi-level matching?

Finally, Difficulty Level 3 questions may ask students to describe all parts of a process or term, or manipulate graphs mentally to arrive at the answer.

Example: “Assuming the economy is producing at full employment output, a negative supply shock will most likely cause which of the following to the economy in the short-run?”


All the questions are multiple choice with five answer choices. Students will need to use graphs as presented in this AP Macroeconomics review book.


The book includes these topics:

  • Basic Economic Concepts
  • Measurement of Economic Performance
  • National Income and Price Determination
  • Financial Sector
  • Stabilization Policies
  • Economic Growth
  • Open Economy: International Trade and Finance


Another great AP review book from Long Island Regents prep has arrived. The questions look like questions you’d find on the actual AP exam. The answer explanations give enough detail to provide a good picture of what needs to be studied and why the chosen answer is correct. They average about three sentences in length.

Overall, this AP Macroeconomics review book will test you thoroughly if you’re already familiar with the underlying information.

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Great AP Macroeconomics Review Book

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