Long Island Regents Prep’s AP Calculus AB Review-Book Review

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You are already familiar with an AP calculus review book, as you are enrolled in the class. Or maybe you’re an instructor, parent or tutor that wants to find the best resources for their student. In this review I will discuss why Long Island Regent Prep’s AP Calculus AB review book is such an integral part of your AP Cal review, what it can teach you, and the limits of this book.

Material Covered


Pages 1-146 comprise the Questions, and pages 147-224 are the Answers. Every section starts out at Difficulty Level 1 and moves into Difficulty Levels 2 and 3. Here is an example of the difference in difficulty levels. In section “Limits of Functions”, Difficulty Level 1 questions don’t involve any solving of equations, just plugging in numbers to find out the limits. In level 2, students are required to solve equations to get the answer. Also, a question asking which statements are always true presents itself. Difficulty level 3 continues with more advanced trigonometric functions and fractions to solve.


All questions are multiple choice. This AP calculus review book gives graphs and charts in some questions. Students will find quadratic, cubic, square root, logarithmic and many other types of functions to apply and solve in this book.


The contents of this book include these topics:

  • Limits of Functions
  • Asymptotic and Unbounded Behavior
  • Continuity as a Property of Functions
  • Concept of the Derivative
  • Derivative at a point
  • Derivative as a Function
  • Second Derivatives
  • Applications of Derivatives
  • Computation of Derivatives
  • The Four Theorems (Extra)
  • Interpretations and Properties of Definite Integrals
  • Applications of Integrals
  • Techniques of Antidifferentiation
  • Applications of Antidifferentiation
  • Numerical Approximations to Definite Integrals.


This is a great AP Calculus review book.  While it won’t teach you anything new, it does a good job of testing content over multiple difficulty levels. It has nearly 400 practice questions with step-by-step answer explanations that will guide you through AP Calculus AB until your test.

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Good Resource for Review Only

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  • Quality of Writing
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