Long Island Regents Prep’s AP Biology Review-Book Review

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You probably are already well-versed with AP Biology, if you’re enrolled in that class. Or maybe you’re an instructor, tutor or parent that is finding the best resources for their students. In this review I’ll explain the strong points and weaknesses of this AP Biology review book.

Material Covered


Pages 1-157 are the Questions, and pages 158-247 are the Answers. All 550 questions are multiple choice. Sample free response questions and answers would have been helpful, but the book doesn’t include those. Anyway, every section is divided into three difficulty levels.

First, Difficulty Level 1 questions usually ask for basic matching the definition to the word, at a low level of comprehension.

Example: “Which of the following are components of a plant cell wall?”


Secondly, Difficulty Level 2 start to get more challenging as they may ask for a level of analysis in answering the question. The book accomplishes this through the language of the question. This difficulty level asks students to find the primary characteristic of a certain process, therefore they must make a judgement on what really defines that process most of all.

Example: “What is the primary advantage to alcoholic fermentation as it relates to cellular respiration?”

Finally, Difficulty Level 3 questions may ask students to describe all parts of a process, organism or term, requiring comprehensive knowledge on that subject.

Example: “Chemiosmosis is a concept that explains how ATP is synthesized from ADP. Which of the following explains how ATP is ultimately generated from ADP?”


All the questions are multiple choice, with four to five answer choices. Some pictures and diagrams appear in the book as well as text.


The contents of this book include these topics:

  • Chemistry
  • Cell Parts & Processes
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cell Division
  • Heredity
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Biological Diversity
  • Plants
  • Animal Form and Function
  • Reproduction and Development
  • Animal Behavior
  • Ecology
  • Lab Review


Long Island Regents Prep has done a good job with this AP Biology review book. The questions are high-quality, similar to what you’d find on the real AP exam. The answer explanations do a decent job of showing how to find the answer. However, in comparison to other AP review books by this company, each answer text is a little shorter. I don’t know if that’s because AP Biology has direct answers that don’t take a lot of explaining or whether Long Island Regents did this to save space or time.

Overall, this AP Biology review book will do a good job of guiding you through review until your test.

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Good AP Biology Review Book

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