The Best Free ACT Prep Online Resources 2018

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Many students wonder if it’s even possible to do ACT prep without spending a boatload of money. Top-quality free ACT practice can be difficult to pin down- what sites are the best? Which free ACT tests should I take? This article will give you a clearer picture of the best free ACT prep online resources for raising your ACT score.

khan academy act prepKhan Academy

You may be thinking, “But wait! That’s SAT, not ACT!” However, the new SAT has been redesigned so that it’s very similar to the ACT. The main differences are that the ACT tests more math topics like trigonometry and rational numbers and has less time per question. Otherwise, the studying you do for the SAT will transfer to the ACT. This makes Khan Academy a great website for the ACT test. Khan Academy provides thousands of practice questions, videos, and an interactive free ACT prep course, all for free.

Tips and Strategies

Here, you can take the SAT strategies like “two passes” and analysis of question difficulty and apply them to the ACT.


You can use the guides on SAT reading information and ideas, rhetoric and synthesis for the ACT test. Remember that Khan Academy tracks your progress. This means it’s almost like online ACT study but on a different platform. Next you’ll learn about two active reading strategies: SQ3R and Rephrase & Predict. SQ3R helps students understand what they read in five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review. Check Khan Academy for the best explanation of Rephrase & Predict.


The articles found here about expression of ideas and standard English conventions transfer over as free ACT prep. Khan Academy gives a great strategy on how to solve sentence and paragraph sequence questions. It also describes the approach on sentence addition/ deletion questions. Punctuation and apostrophes rules can be found here as well.


You can find almost all the ACT math topics here like algebra, problem solving and data analysis, and advanced math. You can fill in the gaps on other websites. Khan Academy has great videos for math concepts, like this video for ratios, rates and proportions.


On Khan Academy, you can take the SAT Writing glossary and apply it to the ACT. Also, you can learn how to unpack an essay prompt and understand and analyze a passage.

Other Features

You’ll find forums for every topic on the SAT. Also, teachers have access to lesson plans hosted here.

You can use this guide to use Khan Academy for free ACT prep.

Magoosh ACT Test Prep

Magoosh ACT Test Prep offers many free resources to help you prepare for the ACT.

There are two free Magoosh ACT apps, both of which can be used on your phone or in your browser. The Magoosh ACT Flashcard app covers the key vocabulary and ideas for all four sections of the test. And the Magoosh ACT Test Prep contains a free sample of the many video lessons found in Magoosh ACT Premium.

In addition, the Magoosh ACT Blog is full of free ACT prep material. Most notably, Magoosh’s blog is home to the page for their free full-length mock ACT. On that page, you’ll find to the PDF for the exam, as well as links to an answer key with text and video answer explanations. But the blog offers so much more. Other Magoosh ACT Blog articles include this tool to help you compare the ACT and SAT, other types of ACT advice, additional ACT practice problems, and so forth.

Union Test Prep Free Resources

Free ACT Prep Union Test Prep

This website for the ACT has practice tests, flashcards and study guides for the ACT, just like what they offer for the SAT.


ACT Practice Tests

These free ACT prep practice tests will test your mastery of ACT English, Math, Reading and Science.


The English Flashcards test your knowledge of grammar and punctuation errors. They also test you on transitional words “and”, “because”, or “but”. You will learn how to rephrase selected portions of sentences. Some flashcards have clear answer choices while others ask you to come up with the best answer yourself. However, the exercises are limited to only 15 flashcards for English. The difference between “their”, “they’re” and “there” and “to” or “too” as well as “whereas”, “and” and “although” all show up in these flashcards.

Math flashcards will ask you questions like “What are the zeroes of a quadratic function and how are they found?” You can use them to become familiar with mathematical formulas, properties, identities and more.

Reading flashcards test nuanced word choice and meaning in context.

The science flashcards tests concepts like the pH scale, and light frequencies in the electromagnetic scale. However, don’t bother with these, because the science portion of the ACT will test your ability to analyze data given to you rather than memorized science knowledge.

Study Guides


Technical writing skills like punctuation and usage, as well as broader concepts of style and organization are all tested on ACT English. This study guide helps you review many parts and rules of written English to help prepare for the ACT online.


The mathematics section on the ACT covers knowledge and skills from all your years of math learning in the classroom. Many items require high school math ability, but even simpler concepts will be used as well. This act test prep free study guide for Math will provide a framework for what to study and give you ideas on what to further review.

Free ACT Prep Union Test Study Guide Math
An example of a scatterplot


In the ACT test, ACT reading requires a higher level of activity than just knowing vocabulary and gaining basic meaning from a text. You’ll be asked limited “recall” questions but you’ll also need to analyze and reason on the passage to draw further conclusions. This online ACT study guide will help train your skills and show you what needs improvement.


ACT Science provides you with scientific information and data to refer to when you answer questions on scientific topics. You will be tested more on the analytic process than your background knowledge. This study guide helps to study ACT online for science.


Although the ACT Writing section is optional, many students still take it to get into their colleges of choice. With this ACT online prep free study guide for writing, you will find out exactly what test scorers look for so you know what to write on exam day.

Veritas Test Prep ACT

Sometimes it can be nice to take a break from reading and just watch a video to get a particular concept. Veritas offers a playlist of free ACT prep online videos that break down the concepts in easy to understand ways. Sidhi Gosain, who teaches in this video series, scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT and SAT. This means you’re taking lessons from an experienced and high-scoring test taker themselves.


In this free ACT prep page you’ll learn all the aspects of English as a written language. This enables you to ace the ACT English and Writing sections with a mastery in the subject.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have. Whether you need to know where to put apostrophes, or want to understand complex topics like conjunctions, high-level syntax and creative writing, you can find it all on EnglishGrammar.

Downloadable Lessons

Here you’ll find a near-endless list of lessons on everything from relative pronouns to phrasal verbs to conditional clauses and the difference between similar words like “yolk” and “yoke”. They can all be downloaded in PDF form and printed out.

Online Exercises

You can take multiple choice quizzes on “affect vs. effect”, articles, passive voice, tenses, and spelling.


Somehow making learning English Grammar funny, Grammarbytes features daily grammar quizzes on Twitter, terms, exercises, a massive open online course, handouts, presentations, videos and tips & rules. Don’t miss this free ACT prep site.

Daily Grammar Workout

Daily grammar quizzes like this are answered after each poll closes with detailed explanations.


A gigantic list of grammar terms, covering everything from absolute phrase to transitive verb. Some are Youtube Videos.


Grammarbytes gets fun here. For example, one exercise asks you whether you think a sentence is a comma splice or not. If it is, you click the door on the left. Otherwise, click the door on the right. If you get it wrong, a cow “Moooo!” sound effect plays as this page opens:

free act prep grammarbytes

If you win, another page opens with your prize, an image of a cool red sports car.


Grammarbyte’s Massive Open Online Course can help keep you on track with quizzes and grades.


You can learn about Indirect Objects, Subject Complements, plagiarism, apostrophes and more with these videos.


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