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Ok for GRE Verbal

Helpful for GRE Verbal but overall too easy in comparison to the real GRE test

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Written by Jerry Bobrow, CliffsTest Prep GRE Book Review does a good job preparing you for the GRE Math and GRE Verbal sections. However, it lacks in content for the Analytical logic puzzle. Also, it is too easy compared to the actual GRE test.

Tips and Tricks

The CliffsTest Prep GRE book starts out with a 10-page introduction to the GRE test. It covers frequently asked questions about the GRE and what it’s like to take the GRE computer adaptive test. Also, it mentions some test-taking strategies. You’ve probably encountered these tips before if you’ve studied for other tests like the ACT or the SAT. However, just in case, strategies like “Don’t Get Stuck”, “Eliminate Wrong Answers”, and working backwards from the answers can be helpful.

GRE Verbal

This GRE Prep book provides a short list of common prefixes, suffixes, and roots. These will help test-takers become more familiar with word patterns on the GRE Verbal section. However, the difficulty is a bit skewed; only the above average to difficult words are reflective of the difficulty level on the actual GRE test. This is one major flaw with CliffsTest GRE Prep- the difficulty level overall is too easy compared to the actual GRE Test. With GRE Verbal you get introductions to antonyms, analogies, sentence completion, and reading comprehension.

GRE Quant

The GRE Quant and GRE Math sections in this book are solid, if a bit on the easy side for most questions. This GRE Prep book will help you with high school arithmetic, algebra, and intuitive geometry, the topics on the GRE Math section. Completing all the questions within this book should result in a mid-level GRE score, as there aren’t many advanced-level questions here. The Important Equivalents, Measures, Terms, and Units provided can be helpful for those who need a refresher on GRE Math vocabulary.


The Analytical section in this CliffsTest Prep GRE book doesn’t have any really hard questions like you would expect on the actual GRE test, so only use this if you are aiming for a low to mid Analytical GRE score.

I reviewed an older edition of the book without the Analytical Writing section, so I can’t speak to how good that is.

In addition to the problems scattered throughout, in the back of the book there’s a Full-length adaptive GRE test, which will reinforce what you’ve studied in the book. It is easier than the actual GRE test.

In conclusion, the best part of this GRE Prep book is its Verbal section, but don’t bother with the Analytical section unless you need a lot of improvement in that area.

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