Best SAT Books 2018

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You may be wondering what the best SAT book is for scoring high on the SAT. The amount of choice and variety can be staggering when it comes to SAT prep books, so we created a guide to help. Here are the best SAT books in 2018.

Practice Tests and General

SAT Blue Book

SAT Books SAT Blue Book

Test prep experts unanimously say that The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition is king when it comes to SAT prep. They call it “The Blue Book” because of its cover color.

The SAT Blue Book features 8 official SAT practice tests similar to the actual SAT test. It also includes detailed descriptions of the sections in the SAT. You’ll get targeted practice questions on every SAT question type. In the Blue Book, you’ll find guidance on the essay portion. This includes practice essay questions and sample responses. Finally, this review book seamlessly integrates with Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice, which we review here.

Kaplan Review Books

If you’re looking for five more practice tests, check out SAT Prep Plus 2018: 5 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online (Kaplan Test Prep).

SAT books Kaplan SAT book

To start, this Kaplan SAT book comes with over 1,400 practice questions with detailed answer explanations. You’ll also get expert analysis, scoring and explanation for two official College Board SAT Practice tests. You’ll learn test taking strategies for each section and the essay. One of the best SAT books for test review, it includes sections on each question type. Finally, you can watch 15 video lessons with this book.

You can upgrade to Kaplan’s Total Prep 2018 book for 100 more questions, more review and more fun! Well, maybe not fun.


SAT Black Book

SAT Books SAT black book

The SAT Prep Black Book 2nd Edition is one of the best SAT books for strategies. The SAT black book stresses how SAT score improvement is all about practicing and consistency. According to this book, knowing the patterns behind the SAT can boost your score more than memorizing endless lists of vocabulary words and math formulas. It explains every answer in each SAT practice test in detail.

SAT Reading

The Critical Reader by Erica L. Meltzer

SAT Books critical reader

The Critical Reader 3rd Edition will help you excel on SAT reading. It has a chapter-by-chapter analysis of question types, containing in-depth explanations and many examples showing how to work on each type. In this SAT book, you’ll find techniques to help comprehend complex passages and identify important information efficiently and quickly.

Meltzer also teaches strategies for answering and simplifying paired supporting evidence questions and chart and graph based data analysis questions. Finally, you’ll get a list of alternative definitions of common words, and strategies that help you use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary.

SAT Math

Steve Warner Books

SAT books warner advanced math

Steve Warner writes SAT books for every ability level in math. He’s been teaching SAT math for over 15 years and developed his books out of his prep courses.

His beginner book for students scoring below 500 points in SAT math has taught all types of students. Even students with severe learning disabilities have scored over 100 points higher on math with his book. It features strategies like plugging in the answer choice to the question for faster problem solving.

Warner has an intermediate book for students scoring between 500 and 600 points on math. This SAT book has over 300 questions that gradually increase in difficulty to get you from a 500 to a 700.

His advanced book has glowing reviews on Amazon and helps students get from a 600 to an 800 in SAT Math.

SAT Writing

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica L. Meltzer

SAT books ultimate grammar

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar gives all-encompassing coverage of every grammar and rhetoric skill tested on the new SAT. This sat prep book has dozens of exercises that push students from studying the concepts to applying them in the passages. It indexes all the writing questions from the eight exams in the Blue Book, arranged by test and by category.

RK Test Prep Grammar Practice Tests

SAT books rk grammar

RK Test Prep’s SAT Grammar book contains five writing and language practice tests for the SAT. This SAT prep book has questions that cover concepts like plural pronouns, verb tense, diction, and more. All answers are explained in the back of the book.

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