Best ACT Prep Books 2018

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Many students are looking for the best ACT prep book on the market. They want a comprehensive ACT test prep book that’s going to prepare them for the challenges of the ACT test. At StudentSharp, we want to help students find the best ACT Prep Books available, so we made a list. You can use this list as a guide to answer the question “What is the best ACT prep book?” and find the right books you are looking for.


Red Book

act prep book act book

If you look at our podcasts, many tutors say the best ACT prep book is The Official ACT Prep Guide. Tutors and the test prep industry call it the Red Book because of its cover color. It has information on how your writing test is scored. It offers reporting categories. In it, you’ll find a section on what to do on the day of the test. (Although if you really want top strategies for the day of the test, check out our Ultimate Guide.) The Red book 2018 edition has three older tests and full answer explanations, as well as 400 additional practice questions available online. You can’t go wrong with this ACT prep book!

Princeton Review- Cracking the ACT

ACT Prep Books princeton review cracking the act

If you’re looking for more practice tests and extra topic reviews, you can get Cracking the ACT from Princeton Review. It has some strong tactics to help you avoid traps and vanquish the ACT, tips for setting a good pace and for guessing logically, and some more essential strategies. This book completely covers all test topics, even the reading and writing portions. It also contains bullet point chapter summaries for a fast review. With this book you’ll find six full-length practice tests (4 in the book, 2 online) that contain detailed answer explanations. You’ll also get drills for every test section. You can get instant score reports for the online tests. More ACT practice tests can’t hurt, right?

Kaplan ACT Prep Plus

Act Prep Books Kaplan Act Prep Plus

From the granddaddies of test prep comes this ACT test prep book, updated for 2018. ACT Prep Plus 2018 has four full length Kaplan ACT practice tests available online with informative answer explanations, and one full-length practice test in the book. You’ll find scoring and analysis for an official ACT test in Prep Plus 2018. You also get access to a mini ACT prep course with Online Center, which has additional practice, quizzes and videos. Also, this is one of the best ACT prep books because it has perfect score tips from top-scoring students and instructors.


Black Book

ACT Prep Books act prep black book

The single best prep book for ACT might be the ACT Prep Black Book. It can take any student at any score value and boost it tremendously. In a nutshell, the Black Book says that the ACT test is best solved by knowing the rules of the ACT and applying consistent strategies. The author describes ACT prep like shooting free throws. He says it’s like you’re doing the same action many times and trying to get more efficient and accurate. He also emphasizes the importance of reviewing your incorrect answers so that you learn from your mistakes. One of the best ACT prep books, the Black book will give you reviews of each section, then the hidden patterns and strategies behind every section. This book will teach you ACT prep strategy inside out.

ACT English

Erica L. Meltzer’s The Complete Guide to ACT English

ACT Prep books complete guide act english meltzer

Erica Meltzer writes the best ACT prep book for ACT English with The Complete Guide to ACT English. This ACT prep book offers a comprehensive review of every ACT grammar and rhetoric topic. It also includes sequential explanations of all different kinds of grammatical errors. Additionally, it has many ACT-style exercises that can help you apply what you learn and cumulative reviews that enable you to practice many learned concepts within a passage. Finally, you’ll get a complete index of English questions from the Red Book, which are grouped by test and topic. Start training English today with this book!

ACT Reading

Erica L. Meltzer’s The Complete Guide to ACT Reading

ACT prep books complete guide act reading meltzer

Another high-quality book from Meltzer, The Complete Guide to ACT Reading will surely raise your ACT Reading score. It has an entire chapters covering each major question type. It also features an overview of everyday passage topics and themes that help students identify and make distinctions between correct and incorrect answers. This ACT Prep book has a section dedicated to time-management strategies on each passage and on the whole Reading section. Finally, you’ll get two full-length practice tests that come with detailed explanations.

ACT Math

Richard F. Corn’s Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT

ACT prep books ultimate guide to math act corn

Richard F. Corn’s Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT is one of the best ACT prep books to prepare for ACT Math. The first part of the book has reviews to fill in your math gaps in content. It pulls topics from pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, statistics and trigonometry. The second part of the book has advice on how to prepare for and actually take the test. It defines an underlying strategy for test taking, how to choose your goal score, and how to pace yourself to reach that goal ACT score. It gives you a practice cycle you can use to reach your goal.

ACT Science

For The Love of ACT Science

ACT prep books for the love of act science

Michael Cerro writes a fantastic book to be added to the list of best ACT prep books with For the Love of ACT Science. In it, he introduces and teaches the key parts of the scientific method: hypothesizing, analysis, experiments, data collection, data analysis, and drawing conclusions. Cerro has done over 4,000 private lessons helping students achieve better scores on the ACT, SAT and SAT II subject tests in biology, chemistry and math. Amazon reviews glow with praise for the book, saying that they often achieved seven+ point boosts on ACT Science using this ACT prep book.

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